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Snappy Dragon of a distant past

Snappy Dragon of a distant past. Still looks the same. Judy's granddaughter has grown up! Judy and daughter at this week's grand reopening - Or is it the opening? - 27 years ago!

Judy and daughter at this week's grand reopening -
Or is it the opening? - 27 years ago!

Judy and relatives at a Beijing Park

Judy and relatives at a Beijing Park

Judy in Beijing

Judy finally takes a load off of her feet as she takes a tour of one of Beijing's old neighborhoods, known as Hutongs, with her grandson.

Articles in Pacific Norhtwest Magazine

Chef Judy Fu was featured in the Seattle Times
Pacific Northwest magazine.

See link below for CNNGo feature:

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Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon reopens on July 15 for in person dining, along with the familiar take out and delivery options. See you then!

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The Ox is the quiet confident type. Born in the years 2009, 1997, 1985, 1973, 1961, 1949 and 1937, Oxen like to hang with Snakes and Roosters, not so much with Goats. They are patient, strong (as in strong as an ...), and stubborn (as in stubborn as an ...). Whichever trait suits you best, hitch up the wagon for pickup, or give the oxen team a rest and request delivery, as JUDY FU'S SNAPPY DRAGON currently continues to operate in the takeout/delivery mode.

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December 22, 2020

Due to difficulties sourcing ingredients, production of Judy Fu's sauces was suspended November, 2019. Unfortunately, we have been unable to resolve these issues in the interim, and resumption of production is not anticipated. As a result, remaining inventory has been distributed locally and we are no longer in a position to ship product.

Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon has sold out of all sauces.

The 'Foods & Merchandise' and 'Recipes' website pages will remain posted for now. Thanks to all who have supported Judy Fu's Gourmet Sauces - the production team at Wolf Pack, the distribution team at Crown Pacific Fine Foods, all of our retailers, and all those who have savored the flavors - over the past 18 years.

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2017 Best of Western Washington Winner!

Many thanks to all of our loyal customers who continue to give Judy, David, and the rest of the crew a vote of confidence, not only in the annual King5 poll (Winning 9 out of the last 10 years!), but with your business, smiles, and friendship throughout the years!

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Whistling While They Work!

Check out the About Snappy Dragon page to see Judy's dumpling making machine in action!

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Judy Fu's Snappy Dragon
Named One of the 50 Best
Chinese Restaurants in the U.S.

by CNN International's (see link at left)

Well done, Fu-Ma!

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